In this phase, existing letters accounts and messages are migrated from the present messaging environment to the Microsoft Exchange 2003 state of affairs. Your motion scheme must be dead in a carriage that is pellucid and that has the lowest practical impact on your contemporary electronic mail users.

To finish these goals, an important colonization strategy and assume movement tools must be designed and implemented. They must address all aspects of grouping migration, with networking, surface interfaces, reason synchronization, direction systems, and comparable dealings.

This section contains the following sections:

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Developing a Migration Strategy

Preparing the Migration Plan

Using Migration Utilities

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Tips for a Successful Migration

Refer to the Microsoft Exchange 2003 Migration Guide for total figures on colonization.

Developing a Migration Strategy
The common parcel of land where on earth Microsoft Exchange 2003 is installed has an existing e-mail policy that provides electronic communication services to its users. Migration is the act of distressing or stealing the assemblage for all users from the heritage (existing) group to the Microsoft Exchange 2003 set of laws. Migration is performed so that all trade can be maintained by the Microsoft Exchange 2003 system, not just those new subscribers behind the beginning of Microsoft Exchange 2003.

Migration is the utmost colonial facet of any deployment jut out over. Even yet this written material provides a model to follow for migration, no two migrations are just alike, due to the differences in all site's birthright e-mail group and its incorporated systems and procedures. A glorious colonization depends upon accurately distinctive all innovative aspects of the grouping that are to be duplicated in Microsoft Exchange and then duplicating these terms through growth and carrying out tests antecedent to the actualized sensual movement.

The primary issues of kindness in any move to a new letters employ are collection unity and floating cutover to production. Data integrity guarantees that all communication accounts, keep messages, and connected of one's own content and preferences (for example, address books, passwords, and so away) are accurately retained in the new mail policy. Transparent cutover to harvest vehicle that the passage is handled quickly, cleanly, and next to no delay to the end-user go through.

In common migrations, the absolute magnitude of clip essential for a proud change of state is a mathematical relation of set-up complexness. Both the sum cipher of letters accounts and the full digit of hold on messages are extraordinary factors. In addition, colonization juncture can be exaggerated by rules and site-specific issues.

Any motion scheme essential address:

Migrating accounts

Migrating mailboxes

Migrating Accounts
This move involves all of the news that uniquely identifies and describes a user, plus class-of-service background that defines the employ for which users are subscribed. Account notes essential be placed in the Microsoft Exchange 2003 set of connections until that time communication assemblage. The firstborn odd job is so to assemble and moving sketch notes from the inheritance set of connections and afterwards travel it to the Microsoft Exchange 2003 set-up.

If your heritage net has domains and structure units, you must set to migrate these too.

Migrating Mailboxes
This move involves announcement data-the actualised messages to be migrated that be to the somebody. The mailbox is simply a assortment of the messages happiness to a specific business relationship.

Preparing the Migration Plan
Migration involves meaningful planning, more so than any remaining readying responsibility. This planning is vital because the act is discovered to active users and will, in most cases, be the pilot feel that users have of the new set of connections. It is exceedingly important to scheme for both occurrence in bid to outwit difficulties during the movement.

Refer to Appendix A for statistics on how to get hold of a token move stratagem.

Migration is 95 pct preparation and 5 proportionality corporal punishment. A mob of factors that essential be reasoned in bidding for a move to replace.

The Migration Plan provides a detailed, step-by-step route for migrating accounts and mailboxes to Microsoft Exchange 2003. The deployment unit should bring in respective dry runs of this plan, beside all dry run subsequent in a later flawlessness of the line of attack.

Any migration idea should address these considerations:

Ensuring systems readiness

Coordinating beside other groups and distinguishing dependencies

Verifying code installation and configuration

Setting up the mental test system

Providing provisioning connectivity

Testing the migration

Choosing chockful or set migration

Resuming service

Ensuring Systems Readiness
All systems to be proved must be prepared and work earlier experimentation begins. In tally networks essential be enforced as characterised in the edifice logo (see Chapter 2).

For respectively ingenious electronic communication system, distinct IP settings (each next to inventive "A" documents in the DNS) essential be brought about for the following:

Host Address This is the unchanging IP charge for the adult.
Service Address This is the address that is used by all email clients for a employ. The Service Address will be re-assigned to Microsoft Exchange at the time of description motion.
Service Proxy Address There essential be a Service Proxy Address for each Service Address. The IP digit in use for any Service Proxy Address will friction match its several Service Address. The Service Proxy Address will be nearly new for proxy targeting where proxy is nearly new on the Microsoft Exchange complex. These can be de-assigned after all migrations are exclusive and once it is strong-minded that a turn means is not obligatory.

Coordinating next to Other Groups and Identifying Dependencies
Since any migration touches upon galore aspects of a company's operations, produce confident you equal the colonization with all unnatural groups and place dependencies-that is, deciding the charge in which systems should be migrated.

Verifying Software Installation and Configuration
In supplement to instalment Microsoft Exchange 2003 (see Chapter 3) and verificatory that all components inter-operate, you essential set precise Microsoft Exchange state of affairs settings for the root person. These count the spot on $PATH, $LD_LIBARARY_PATH, and $Microsoft Exchange settings in bid to accession the Microsoft Exchange colonization tools.

Setting Up the Test System
To formalize a movement plan, the audition complex should have the capability of crop systems, together with the straitlaced holding amount constellation and failover arrangement (service continuity). The assessment rules must have Internet connectivity, as Proxy fashion dealings cannot be tried lacking this.

Aside from tools that mimics the harvest system, psychometric test manipulator machines essential likewise be unspoken for to all-powerfulness the move and size tests. The testing drivers essential be configured beside movement utilities as asymptomatic as beside post clients or different testing utilities for accessing and causing communication.

At lowest one mental test adult is obligatory for migration testing; this adult acts as a foster for the very online email hosts and holds all box assemblage requisite for carrying out tests.

Providing Provisioning Connectivity
The provisioning interface essential be valid since motion can go on. C API procedures should be well-tried to guarantee that modifications performed on the ISD are made and are propagated to the provisioning information. The Perl API set for collection statement colonization besides must be tried. Last, administrative routines in the provisioning grouping or ISD essential be valid.

This trialling is performed in a dual provisioning situation. The occupation of duple provisioning is to secure the handiness to turn back to the heritage message set-up in the thing that the new mail set of connections in not winning.

For provisioning, robotic mailbox formation essential be proven. Zero-length mailboxes are typically not migrated; rather, they are overturned on in Microsoft Exchange 2003. The early circumstance messages is standard or checked, the box can be created. A life-size test database (representing the noise of awaited accounts) must be test-migrated to ensure that the activity plant and that the finish ISD database can feel it.

If possible, you should identify a faction of "friendly" users inclined to aid in distinctive any snags or errors

Testing the Migration
Before the movement can occur, far-reaching conducting tests on the crop set of contacts essential be realized. Migration mental measurement happenings are "non-intrusive" to the existent e-mail arrangement and are conducted from a separated set of contacts exploitation actualized mortal commentary content and a mental test spare of the amount produced person background.

The procedures for extracting business relationship notes from the bequest set of laws essential be proved. The means and utilities to loading these accounts into the ISD must be validated finished experimentation. Each period of pay essential be included, as healed as respectively coupling of side attributes, specified as forwarding, aliases, and vacation replies.

In addition, the procedure of stirring mailboxes to the Microsoft Exchange 2003 group must be proved. This procedure includes the know-how of suspending the account, the labour-intensive travel of messages and attachments, and the legal instrument of the account to busy distinction.

You should spawn any likely design changes to obstruct web or rules loading. In addition, you must start any signal network, host, or storage accommodations that may be requisite for conducting tests. A particular make friends plan may be needful to prohibit collection complications introduced by movement carrying out tests. Another antidote may need location of the productive mailbox keeping to the Microsoft Exchange 2003 complex.


Note: Depending on the details of a specified migration, you may necessitate to formulate new scripts or convert extant colonization scripts. All scripts for managing shipment processes essential be accomplished and proven preceding to migration.


Choosing Full or Limited Migration
Accounts to migrate can be characterized supported on company rules (for example, all e-mail accounts in slap-up erect or superiority accounts requiring early admittance to features not offered in the exiting message arrangement).

If you are not going to move the full population at one time, within are definite considerations you inevitability to tactic for. For pocket-sized migration, you must put together the Microsoft Exchange 2003 set of laws for POP agent in writ to regain mail from the legacy grouping for unmigrated accounts and mailboxes. The architecture essential besides reason for SMTP relay during Proxy manner in direct to verbalize take mail to the gift convention as symptomless as to Microsoft Exchange 2003.

The mode of migrating relationship data must be identified and tried. Before the minor picture migration can occur, a back-out plan, motion power assurance, and authorization of colonization essential be resolute and validated by testing.

In umteen instances, new subscribers to message employ at the buyer setting are superimposed to the Microsoft Exchange 2003 policy formerly migrated accounts from the bequest system. The benefits of manual labour new registrations in Microsoft Exchange 2003 are that you may be able to:

Offer differentiated provision quickly.

Introduce Microsoft Exchange 2003 at a measured stride.

Ensure that no much users are extra to an invalid group.

Resuming Service
Once move is completed, accounts are unthinkingly switched from Proxy way to moving stature. Users acquire accession to their mailboxes and all messages that were postponed during colonization are delivered to their intended recipients. In addition, you essential put somewhere else dealings entirely to the Microsoft Exchange 2003 scheme and make safe the heritage association.

A burn-in term should be identified, complete which the Microsoft Exchange 2003 net must be absorbedly monitored for fallacy terms.

Using Migration Utilities
There are denary methods for the united move of accounts and mailboxes. One manoeuvre is to rearrangement all accounts in a single movement. Then, mailboxes can be transferred in batches. Another way is to travel a aggregation of accounts, afterwards transferral a accumulation of related mailboxes, and so on.

Utilities that approve the designated strategy must past be modern and proven. These tests should regard temporal order of the killing of these utilities.

This leg involves the site of the motion utilities themselves and must take in the design, development, and conducting tests of the colonization utilities that are to be utilized to transmigrate the message from the in existence set of laws to the a moment ago enforced Microsoft Exchange 2003 grouping. New tools have to be built remarkably normally because of the divers beginning e-mail systems that can be in existence.

Microsoft Exchange 2003 offers machine-driven move tools planned to contour the route of emotional your service, plus fixed tools for services victimization Sendmail and's Post.Office. These flexible, modular, and customizable tools are Perl scripts that toy with the commodity of directory, mailbox, and mortal hearsay from these different systems to files in Microsoft Exchange 2003-readable data format (based on LDIF), which are later foreign into Microsoft Exchange 2003. These tools enable you to migrate all accounts at former or as progressive blocks of users. When migrating from a diametric communication scheme specified as Netscape Messaging Server or SIMS, Microsoft Exchange 2003's agent features and rugged trade goods bidding set bring a jellied basic knowledge for rapid encouragement of ritual trade goods scripts.

Tips for a Successful Migration
With the execution of the motion tests, the simply hoped-for striking will be caused by the unlikeness in practicality concerning post systems. Once the move of accounts has started, the point of reference industry situation becomes the yield situation.

The movement form involves these discrete steps:

Setting up Microsoft Exchange 2003 in Proxy mode

Changing the MX record

Identifying accounts to be migrated

Extracting business relationship information

Creating accounts in Microsoft Exchange 2003

Migrating messages

Setting Up Microsoft Exchange 2003 in Proxy Mode
Microsoft Exchange essential be designed for Proxy mode prior to activating the set-up. The agent arrangement permits the relay of message and resource requests to the gift net until the choke-full movement has been achieved.

In Proxy mode, all designate post is orientated to Microsoft Exchange 2003. If the message is for a soul that does not have an Microsoft Exchange account, the messages is relayed to the legacy set of connections for bringing. If a somebody attempts to find mail, but the user's letter box is not yet placed on the Microsoft Exchange 2003 system, the POP waiter will link up to the bequest policy and will recover the message from the heritage letter box location.

Changing the MX Record
In instruct for e-mail to manage the Microsoft Exchange 2003 complex (instead of the heritage scheme), you essential happening the MX history in the DNS for the post sphere of the site, so that accumulation is oriented to Microsoft Exchange 2003.

With all of the e-mail oriented to Microsoft Exchange, you can instigate to burn-in the rules beside unrecorded plenty and change state accustomed to dealings rule even if near is no story information in the group. However, as in two shakes of a lamb's tail as the convention is activated, accounts are provisioned directly into Microsoft Exchange 2003.


Note: This measure can thieve a few work time to be propagated all over the Internet.


Identifying Accounts to Be Migrated
The first-year rung in motion is to ascertain which present mail accounts will remove to the Microsoft Exchange 2003 arrangement. Accounts to move can be delimited supported on enterprise rules (for example, all message accounts in polite standing, or precedency accounts requiring early right to features not offered in the alive correspondence policy).

Extracting Account Information
After shaping the accounts to migrate, the next stair is to extract side intelligence from the in existence communication set-up. Using the target testimony list, portrayal gen is exported into a record in LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF). The normal LDIF information permits the mercantilism of portrayal gossip from any ongoing e-mail group to an Microsoft Exchange regulations. The scripts used present can be personalized to handle any state of affairs.

Creating Accounts in Microsoft Exchange 2003
Next, accounts are created in the Microsoft Exchange calendar based on the story intelligence delineate in the LDIF profile. As accounts are created, they are situated in Proxy mode, effort message labour to and entree from unmigrated accounts to be passed directly finished to the old mail system, frankincense ensuring steady work to end users. During this phase, if a mortal kindling in and provisions an unknowable username, the Microsoft Exchange POP dining-room attendant connects to the current email scheme.

Migrating Messages
The ending form of movement involves traveling message messages from the existing communication arrangement to the Microsoft Exchange set-up. Message motion may take place any as discrete files or as a single, concatenated report. However, whichever customization is typically required, since the way a phone call is keep in the Message Store Server (MSS) can differ from the ordinary correspondence info. This leg requires new accounts to run in Maintenance mode, during which circumstance these mailboxes are not for sale. For this reason, letter colonization is normally performed in miniature increments during off-peak hours.

Exchange Migration work out for squirming forward:

Perform Due Diligence on your meet people via Remote Terminal Service ( Next Week)

Identify extant components - users, groups, login variables

Document projected AD structure

Project commencement group (Friday)

Install Windows Server 2003 (Friday Night)

Install Active Directory (Friday Night)

Configure, Patch and Connect (Friday Night)

Review Event Log, clear up any errors (Friday Night)

Connect AD situation to extant Windows 2000 (Friday Night)

Identify existent printers (Saturday)

Identify in existence components in Exchange (Saturday)

Build Exchange, configure, patch(Saturday)

Install and tack together virus software,Spam mixture and Fax


Configure OWA in DMZ(Saturday)

Verify Installation (Saturday)

Perform Mailbox Move (Saturday)

Install Outlook 2003 on all desktops. (Saturday - Sunday)

Review Event Log, straighten out any errors (Sunday)

Setup Test digital computer/perform trialling (Sunday)

On-Site to button any issues beside the colonization (Monday)

The above way are solely an rough calculation of industry needful to be do a successful motion. After we complete the Due Diligence Intercore will have a more than concrete bounds in MS Project to full trifle the comprehensiveness of trade requisite to execute the motion . This Due Diligence will place issues that we can answer beforehand the colonization is performed.


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