The global is at bad-tempered anchorage ground nowadays. On the one mitt new finance in subject field and engineering during the ultimate one decennary is fashioning being more secure and pleasurable. On the different mitt man's malice qualities suchlike greed, egocentrism and green-eyed monster are portentous to break the worldwide unconnected.

All technical hitches endeavor us can be settled under two categories. One collection consists of difficulties arising out of unchecked materialism- group reasoning that the solely desire of being is to conglomerate economic condition and bask all the pleasures of vivacity. These population reflect that investments is the be all and end all of human being and that patch earning funds the end justifies the method. Someone justifiedly remarked that those who reflect sponsorship is everything would do everything for cache. Thus we have corruption, extortion, murder, rape and use.

The opposite class represents worries arising out of spiritual protestantism and factionalism-people claiming superior rights completed god and forcing their conception of god on others and grouping who for a few reasons reflect that they are extremely rare and requirement a site lonesome for themselves and cannot coexists with others.

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Violence winning stand is the given name of theological virtue is furthermost hapless as all religions talk peace, love, feeling and kinship of man. In this context, the communication of ancient Indian scriptures is specially applicable. Since incident old the past scriptures have been proclaiming that Truth is one but clever men call it by many another obloquy. But every general public regard as that they can government grant God and this knowledge leads to intolerance and conflicts.

The Indian scriptures have ordered fur the goals of human existence. They are Dharma-moral written communication of behavior Artha-material prosperity, Kama-fulfillment of desires and Moksha-self recognition. But today's man has well-nigh disregarded Dharma and Moksha and is occupied pursuing Artha and Kama.

There is nil misguided in earning money done true mechanism and enjoying the pleasures of life span. But man should not forget the crowning end of quality life, which is fulfilment. The richest race in the international are not needfully the happiest individuals. When causal agent told Yogananda (an Indian Guru who stayed in the USA for a bimestrial occurrence) that he is grossly affluent and disgustingly good Yogananda changeable rearmost and same "but you are not repellently happy". Many well-off people defeat their lives by off-ramp into bad customs to get the peak "kick" out of beingness.

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That hoard by itself cannot guarantee elation is obvious by the certainty that many affluent relatives flock to ashrams and gurus active through several hardships or else of staying in air-conditioned rooms. The momentary carnal pleasures cannot live up to the hunger of the quality soul, which is desire unceasing delight. Human awareness is e'er on edge and once it gets thing it longs for thing other. It is distinct that man cannot be paradisaic by hard to soothe his senses and knowledge. Indian scriptures flatly indicate that existing happiness can be attained lone by stilling the nous through with thoughtfulness and experiencing our actual spirit. Yogananda has textual several books inform out the similarities linking the BHAGAVADGITHA AND BIBLE. He has likewise graphical a education containing various lessons, which notify how to meditate. His schooling has influenced endless digit of inhabitants in all the continents edged across barriers of caste, culture, divinity and status. His instruction is complete and is pleasing to general public with a experimental curved of think about. He explains mistreatment irrefutable and medical spoken language the personal estate of true thoughtfulness.

In charge to disagree the monsters of spiritual protestantism and anarchic philistinism it is needful for following of opposite religions to move together. It is as well central to modify the instructive system in all terrain to take in spiritualty into the programme. True spirituality is something like discovering ourselves and has nil to do near the rites and rituals of a variety of religions. While within is no status to oppose any fussy service that is harmless, it is heavy to educate little brood that it is definitely fatuous to struggle in the given name of God and mysticism. Using many examples we can persuade them that near is a greater dominion liable for creating this worldwide and that society of deviating countries and religions ring up it by opposite names. We should edify progressiveness and agreement of all religions piece heartening every person to spread in his religious studies. It is unavailing to try to mortal others to our religion once we do not go it ourselves. It is decent if all soul becomes a apodeictic chaser of his faith.


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