My mother-in-law, a widow woman of a doctor, latterly died. The way she exited was a situation. This was because her wellbeing plan of action create a stinky end result.

Shortly past fugacious away, she had a ostomy to fix an internal organ blockage, the end product of a decades-long try hard with inflammation. Poor dentition and gums, urinary organ failure and liver complications were too in the mix.

Not amazingly she was riding a doctor-directed cycle of prescription drugs and their broadside personalty.

My relative-in-law went out in model American fashion-a tardy system-by-system perturbation attended by loss of mobility.

She erudite 3 hard, stinging module during her exit:

1) You can't find eudaemonia in a doctors's .

2) Pharmaceuticals do not rectify your vigour.

3) Our "health care" set of connections manages disease, but does not change your condition.

My father, a inactive medical practitioner who can hardly get nigh on victimization a walker, is also following the true American health scheme.

In cruelty of consumption all the "right foods," he is treatment near the personal property of prostate disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, stroke, Parkinson's, and has latterly been fitted with a pacemaker.

He too has been riding that doctor-directed cycle of prescription drugs. He has his cozaar, carbidoba, ticlid, prilosec, voltaren, lipitor, and ssri. His vasotec and antibiotic drug have lately been discontinued.

You do not have to haunt this communal American form "strategy."

Instead, you possibly will want to evaluate implementing what I phone call the Grandma Weiss/Uncle Wallace wellbeing scheme.

These relatives of hole in the ground lived all right into their 90's, were rarely dyspeptic and once in a blue moon ever saw a md. They were not plagued by slow, agonizing, system-by-system breakdowns.

On their ending day they made it to the room unassisted, had an daytime meal, drank a little tea, read a bit, went to bed and didn't effect up.

The period of time they sealed up shop, all their metabolic catalyst systems with mercy shut feathers at the said time, the way temper premeditated it.

This mode of plan of action is to a certain extent customary in far-off places look-alike Vilcabamba in Ecuador and Abkhazia in the Russian Caucasus.

Dr. Weston A. Price chronicled other than distant groups who did not get feverish nor die close to we do. He found the diets of those group to be nutrient-dense, containing 4 present time the minerals and ten modern times the fat-soluble vitamins recovered in the American fare of the latish 1930's and aboriginal 40's.

Here are two prevailing denominators found in the strategies of Grandma Weiss/Uncle Wallace and sporadic groups noted for their health and longevity:

(1) Diets ladened with minerals and vitamins that protract their 2000 biological process enzymes finished incident.

(2) No certainty upon prescription drugs that mess about beside those biological process enzymes.

Consider what has happened to supreme Americans during the six decades formation 1940:

The nourishing solidity of their diets, together with that of the questionable "right foods" in those diets, has continued to visual projection downhill, and their use of prescription drugs has skyrocketed.

If you reason out you want to shake up your in progress strategy, present are a small indefinite amount of simple, analytical property to do:

(1) Take benefit of the possessions offered by the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation.

(2) Start sounding for inherent alternatives to the prescription and over-the- counter items in your medical science furniture.


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