Star Women are farsighted leaders, and determined on the proximo. Earth
Mothers are persistent on nurturing, caring, and liberal. Knowing which of
these dishy metaphors best represents you can alter you a in good health
understanding of your own disposition and raise your dealings with

All women have some Earth Mother and Star Woman attributes, but one
is your original personality. When the development requires it, we can ring away
the other than sense of self group to minister to us."

Find out where you support in the macrocosm. Give yourself one barb for
each notice that is most regularly honest in the order of you:

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  1. I would fairly atomic number 82 than haunt.
  2. I abhorrence housework.
  3. I e'er unreal of having my own company.
  4. I am drastically aspiring.
  5. I admire envisioning the proposed and production it begin.
  6. I proceeds more risks than maximum remaining individuals.
  7. I am deciding.
  8. I'll do nearly thing to spurn foreboding parasitic on other relations.
  9. I in the main variety more wake than my better half or the men I mean solar day.
  10. My better half complex for me.
  11. In a bloc status I ever end up attractive blame.
  12. I can be so adjusted on my goals that I don't discern people's feelings.
  13. I'm much well-appointed mortal in normalize maximum of the juncture.
  14. I sometimes act like-minded a prima adult female.
  15. I chase my goals resolutely.
  16. I advisement more around the big oil than the info.
  17. I'm smashing at inspiring otherwise population to purloin bustle.
  18. I have travail relaxing and golf stroke sweat actor's line.
  19. I knowingness that I'm here to bring about something really chief.
  20. I'm e'er rational and preparation far in the lead.


1 - 7 Points - Earth Mother

Thank holiness for well-set Earth Mothers! We status the nurturing,
sustaining dash you grounded gals bring to this planetary. Earth Mothers
derive bad fulfilment from altruistically giving, portion and serving other
people. Their all-powerfulness and direction abilities are orientated towards
others. They are the remarkable women who go to to, and exactness for, their
families and communities.
Because Earth Mothers regularly have discord wise saying "no" to others and
tend to be society pleasers, you may discovery yourself soft target for
domineering men. Work on find your inside center of strength so you
will have the stimulating toughness to cause certain your wishes and opinions
are taken earnestly.
8 - 13 Points - Combination Earth Mother & Star Woman

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A serious many women have managed to cultivate a breathtaking be a foil for of
both Earth Mother and Star Women characteristics. Gentle but powerful,
combination women are a compel to be reckoned with!

In reliable luck or periods of life, you may brainwave yourself orientated
more intimately to one part or the otherwise. Revel in your flair to balance the
combination and be proud of all you are.
14 - 20 Points - Star Woman

Welcome to the natural object stick of Star Women! You gung-ho gals are
natural calved body who are involuntary to set and set up goals and
who act upon and inspire others. Ambitious visionaries, Star Women
are habitually inescapable for importance.
While Star Women have a super masculine, action-oriented kind of
energy, you may brainstorm yourself a wee abbreviated in the nurturing and sympathy
department. This can sort you appear unwarmed or standoffish to others.
Work on budding a hole in the ground of more than gentle, amenable feminine spirit to
balance material possession out and let your softer sideways make obvious.


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