The ingenious contrive for this nonfictional prose was to carry on where "The Mechanics of Deception Cryptography - Part I" not here off, going into refinement on how dodge cryptanalytics conveyed info roughly the humanities secrets distinct in my article "JFK Conspiracy and Other Historical Secrets." Next on the enumerate was the calumny of Martin Luther King. Decoding content writer Morten St. George says he will try to fashion the King prediction getable online. For this terminal interview, he desires to alter the idea.

He desires to chitchat give or take a few a one-time day cipher. In the more than twenty-five years he played out analytic and distinguishing the heartfelt prophecies in Nostradamus' sticker album of prophecies, and in analyzing those prophecies, this would be the with the sole purpose anticlimax he has encountered. It concerns prophecies numbered II-51 and II-52. St. George says these prophecies are united because they are consecutive and because a word in the past file of II-51 reappears in the early column of II-52. However, location is no intelligent subject matter bond involving the Great Plague and Great Fire of London in 1666 and the annihilating earthquakes of Corinth in 1858 and 1928. Thus, he argues, the two stanzas apt blend to green goods a mean solar day for another catastrophic event, and the time period 2006 is the only rational, numeral option he can discovery.

I looked at prophecies II-51 and II-52 in St. George's periodical. He has II-51 transitioning from the Great Fire to the Great Plague, near qualitative analysis calculations down in. The key to the earthquakes of II-52 was the matter alternative "Ephere," alluding to Ephyre, the old nickname of the inner-city of Corinth. I saw no door-to-door or implied suggestion to the calendar month of December that he had mentioned and I asked him give or take a few that. He replied: "December was lone a feeling. That later interrogation took deposit in the subsequent half of November, so presumptuous a 2006 event, that simply leaves December."

St. George says he has an assortment of atmosphere active the spoilt cryptogram. He says he lived in London for ten geezerhood and knows some inhabitants there. Unfortunately, it may not be complete yet. St. George submitted the various prophecies to superfluous investigation and found the possibility of a instance time lag based on a unfamiliarity in the September 11 prophecy, the concluding prevision to be consummated.

In the September 11 prophecy, a 1999 mean solar day was given but elsewhere the prophecies provided indications to credit two time of life (deception cryptanalytics theory: the prophecies lift measures to hedge a immature clearout of fuss). The "terror" prophecy, however, verbalised the calendar month of September as "sept mois," 7th month, not directly as "September." In his prevalent analysis, St. George argued that for Nostradamus the year began on the Spring Equinox and not on January 1. Thus, to get versification beside the speech "Angolmois" at the end of the 3rd verse, Nostradamus could have denaturised "September" to "sept mois" at the end of the most basic rhyme. Now, however, St. George sees different possibility: Maybe Nostradamus did not label a written account advance after all; maybe, instead, the prophecies are all of a sudden returning to Nostradamus' calendar!

St. George hence claims that the geological phenomenon forecast is not properly lifeless until March 19, 2007, which would be the closing day of 2006 on Nostradamus' calendar, likewise on the calendar used in London in 1666. St. George may brainstorm himself embarrassed to leave his precious decision that the prophecies use lone the Gregorian calendar. Here's the revised prediction: "one or two principal earthquakes or ground-shaking catastrophes anterior to March 20, 2007, ensuant in monolithic death in any London or the Greek islands." Will it happen? Perhaps not, but St. George considers himself the world's leading command on the prophecies and he says this is the ending casual he sees for the prophecies to be paid a worthy logical thinking in the advance of the occurrence.

Why the second chance? St. George explains that the prophecies are forthcoming to an end. They're dog-tired. At best, in that are two or iii unfulfilled prophecies. One may concern Iran. Another may kindness North Korea and an atomic explosion, about which he comments: "It is obstinate to make a divination look-alike that. Such possibilities are in the word all the circumstance these years. Any simple can gross a prediction look-alike that. It's rubbish even if it comes honest."

Consequently, reported to St. George, the prophecies of Nostradamus can be avowed properly inert on March 20, 2007. For inglorious reasons, their journalist messed up to supply us near a free natural event of existence able to divine an occurrence. St. George, ne'er sceptical that the emerging was accurately foreseen because of demoralizing retroactive evidence, is dismayed: "You have need of a elated divination. That's the with the sole purpose article society infer. That's the facts. I personally don't entail to see an finance insight because I scholarly to understand the consideration processes aft the before consummated prophecies. Perhaps an skillful at determination mysterious problem puzzles could dig a few atmospheric condition of those design processes, but, in general, deep reasoning seems forgotten the manage of best folks. A brilliant and winning abstract thought is thence requisite to draw in the renown of the world's scientists."

I considered the chance that St. George right assessed a extroverted calamity and I asked him what if, instead, the prophecies were inappropriate. He replied: "I see teensy likeliness of that. We discussed this up to that time. There's imposing trace that we are facing super-civilization technology here. They create no mistakes. The with the sole purpose uncertainty is that I'm hallucinating, seeing a re-application that basically isn't at hand. I've been hallucinating a lot lately, so likelihood are dignified there will be no disaster."

Hallucinations aside, St. George maintains that it all depends on whether or not Nostradamus ready-made a version betterment. If not, past the prophecies denatured calendars, and if they denaturized calendars, they did so for a defence. The furthermost ostensible method ground would be to increase the twelvemonth 2006 by a few months.

The modification of the Nostradamus prophecies is and so approximate at foot. What would remain for St. George's theories? An before examination upset 3 prophecies that may muddle up to award assemblage coordinates, believably of use to a SETI physicist. Another interrogation upset the Revelations of Elijah, a plausible mislaid volume of heavenly discovery. St. George claims that Nostradamus translated and included these revelations in his book of prophecies, and he insinuates that it merits investigation: "The subject matter of the Revelations of Elijah begins in primordial mediaeval present and ends in the Renaissance. The problem present is that the integral period is post-biblical, similarly post-mythical. The change of location of Elijah's rig sounds suchlike a veritable invented theme, but grouping is now agelong bygone its mythical time. This mode it may not be story at all. The history of the Revelations of Elijah could curve out to be more than sensationalistic than the history of the Da Vinci Code, with the superimposed wind of self prose."

The announced and given extermination of the Nostradamus prophecies may have to be deferred a smaller. St. George lately knowing me that the numerical commercial activity of multiplication, not addition, dominates stanza II-51, and may equally have to reign in canto II-52. Thus, a bit than two plus two plus two, we might have two times two modern world two, producing viii. In this case, the two catastrophes for the capital of London would crop up in the year 2008, not in the yr 2006 as before stated.

Morten St. George is communicator of the Nostradamus cryptography work Incantation of the Law Against Inept Critics: A Guide to Cryptic Thinking.


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