Here's a bit-by-bit list to change and form it easier to send those trip cards on instance.


The maximum critical defence for causing a paper is how it will craft ancestors get the impression. With that in mind, go ahead and clear both cuts. For example, save single the subsequent grouping on your card list:

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  1. Family members and friends who send away you game and would cognisance hard done by if you didn't convey a card.
  2. People who replace updates near you all time period.
  3. Older ethnic group you know don't get a lot of cards, don't have computers, and for whom unloading a card scheme a lot to them. As you get older, you commencement to lose friends and social unit. Receiving game during the holidays can be a rattling assurance.


Start a two of a kind weeks earlier Thanksgiving if you can. Chunk out your tasks into acceptable bites as shown beneath. During the weeks before Thanksgiving, strive to get 2 - 4 of these tasks through with.

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  1. Update your code set book and post description lists & written language out the labels (I urge mistreatment a Word Template for computer address labels from Avery)
  2. Print out or gather together your Return Address Labels.
  3. Buy Holiday Stamps from the forward office online. They are commonly going spare by Thanksgiving. If you directive wee you never have to vacillate in the region of your regional office running out.
  4. Make secure you have the accurate numeral of cards. Buy card game apt after the holidays once they are on public sale.
  5. If you dispatch out photograph cards, select your ikon & get them sequential.
  6. If you move a rest newsletter, beginning outlining the holding you want to list.
  7. If you convey pictures wrong a cards, select one and get it duplicated.
  8. Write your Newsletter original rough draft.

3. PUT YOUR INGREDIENTS TOGETHER & MAIL. Week 1 after Thanksgiving do the close ladder. You can do best of these patch observation your favourite TV programs.

  1. Put Return Address Labels on all your envelopes. Try doing 20-50 cards at a event.
  2. Put Stamps on all your envelopes.

Week 2 after Thanksgiving do the side by side stairway.

  1. Put Recipient Address Labels on the cards
  2. Do your definitive edit, afterwards written communication and crimp your rest Newsletters (if you have one) and put them at home the cards.
  3. Put each card with it's stamped and self-addressed container.
  4. Divide your stamped, self-addressed game into sets of 5 - 10 game all.
  5. Write of your own record and prophecy your cards. Each day manual labour on a set of game. Get a integrative bag to transport card game next to you. Anytime you have to loaf somewhere, resembling at a doctor's office. If you genuinely don't deprivation to put in occurrence on private notes, you can decree pre-printed card game. If you do that, you can a moment ago gait this tread.
  6. Mail the set of card game.

Do a set all day or two and even if you have 100 cards, you'll have them all personal and sent in 7 -10 days. If you have more than game than 100, go backmost to Step One and Simplify. Or make the first move a period of time or 2 faster. Wishing you Happy & Healthy Holidays!

© 2006 Ariane Benefit, M.S.Ed


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