In a prima discovery India and Pakistan in a earthshaking prior arrangement at Havana, on the sidelines of the Non-Aligned Summit, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf fixed to put in position an organisation device to counter terrorist act. It is a historical possibility for India and Pakistan to puzzle out this obligatory reason of Terrorism and mill its fearfulness web after agreeing on the organisation of a Anti -Terrorism Institutional Network.

At the end of the private consultation short aides which were delineate as "cordial, blunt and detailed". Both the countries united on this anti-terrorism organisation instrument to determine and implement counter-terrorism initiatives and investigations, this was asserted in the united decree publication out by Dr. Singh on near General Musharraf at a media grasp confab.

The proclamation securely convicted the Mumbai and the Maligaon open fire on blasts and issued a unassailable substance hostile Terrorism by declaring " Both the countries energetically condemned all book of terrorism and united that coercion is a whip that inevitably to be effectively dealt with."

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Such a indicate and frank entry by Pakistan that Trans-border apprehension networks should not singular be known but besides wishes to be pounded near ponderous appendage is a door-to-door permission by Pakistan that all is not good inwardly its realm and the terror networks which operates from crosstown the outside hostile India has to be pulverized put together. This is a epochal development as for the premiere example Pakistan has agreed that for determination all the issues of kindness near India it has to do much more on the band of Terrorism and to do this it inevitably the serving paw of India.

Further it was likewise united upon for the contiguous commencement of the complex duologue relating the Foreign Secretaries "at the earliest". With a lead acknowledge that the peace activity essential be kept up and its natural event was not single important for some the countries by besides for a shining and well-to-do planned of the total South Asian Region.

Under the Press Statement issued both the body reiterated their commitments and spirit to implement the Joint Statements of January 6, 2004, September 24, 2004, April 18, 2005 and September 14, 2005 which was signed linking India and Pakistan consequently. The committedness fixed by the honorable President of Pakistan in the clannish message issued of abidance the more rapidly corporate statements of 2004 and 2005 shows that Pakistan has recognized these to be worldwide agreements in opposition dread which needs to be prestigious upon

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On Jammu and Kashmir it was decided by both the countries to spread the "joint prod for reciprocally agreeable options for a calm negotiated appeasement of all issues relating India and Pakistan, plus the dynamic of Jammu and Kashmir, in a true and resolute air." Referring to the "useful discussions" on Jammu and Kashmir, the cohesive assertion went on to say "there is a condition to bodily property on convergence's and strait fuzz divergences." This is once again a vastly principal and lusty enlargement as for the original juncture Pakistan has agreed that Jammu and Kashmir is not "The Issue" or "The Core Issue" but one of the totally central thing which not single inevitably imperative attending but too necessarily to be resolved taking into account all others concerns and sentiments. This is a U-turn by Pakistan from its earlier stated place of Kashmir self the soul circulate.

In his computer code to the NAM Summit on Sept 15th 2006, Gen. Musharraf aforesaid in relative amount to India and Pakistan's isobilateral issues, "A past possibleness exists that must be appropriated by the activity of the two countries to bring up to a zip up the chapter of tensions and group action in our area.. It is of overriding pressure that we give all energies to address the foremost challenges of our state by ensuring need alleviation, universal education, better upbeat and highly developed standards of aware for our population. Three age of order course of action concerning India and Pakistan had led to assurance building and improved state of affairs in bilaterally symmetrical links. Pakistan is devising whole-souled hard work to puff order and cooperation in South Asia.. We are strong-willed to chase the order manoeuvre to rescue all brilliant issues near India, together with the Jammu and Kashmir wrangle." Dr. Singh besides accepted Gen. Musharraf's renewed asking to drop by Pakistan at a case to be invariable then.

Through the estate of the realm subject matter the two leaders directed the Foreign Secretaries on the following: The Foreign Secretaries should collect not long in New Delhi to proceed the composite talking. To make up consultations for primal medication of the Siachen thing. "Experts should assemble hastily to hold on coordinates for conjoined examination of Sir Creek and neighboring area, without chauvinism to all other's task on the issue". The Survey should start out in November 2006. "The experts would activate planning on the sea boundary". "The two sides will alleviate carrying out of agreements and understandings before now reached on LoC-related CBMs, as well as bus services, travelling points and wagon service".

Direct recognition by Pakistan on the coordinates of a collective survey of the Sir Creek areas attractive into explanation all countries situation on the aspect is key over again as for the opening example Pakistan has official to take into report the Indian part on the Sir Creek issue

The vigilantly developed conjunct declaration that was worked out after hours of planning among the members of the delegation, with the National Security Adviser M. K. Narayanan and the Foreign Secretary-designate Shivshankar Menon from the Indian side. Pakistan's Secretary of the National Security Council Tariq Aziz, Foreign Minister Kasuri and Foreign Secretary Riaz Khan was there from the Pakistani squad.

When asked by the Indian media whether the new understanding represented a breakthrough, Gen. Musharraf said, "Yes, it is highly dandy." He was rather bullish finished the result. He all the same refused to be worn into a detailed discussion, inform out that he had wrapped up himself to not motto anything much than what the evidence said, lest it should trammels the talking function.

Before the one to one conference of the two leaders, both the sides were accompanied by their delegations for a fleeting interchange. The Indian commission incorporated Mr. Narayanan, Minister of State for External Affairs Anand Sharma, Mr. Shivshankar Menon and Media Adviser to the Prime Minister Sanjaya Baru. The Pakistani broadside included Mr. Kasuri, Mr. Riaz Khan, and Minister of State Sumaira Malik.

Indian officials subsequent spoken contentment concluded the conclusion of the meeting, noting that " All the central issues, with the formulation on terrorist act were being negotiated till the terribly concluding. The suggestion to terrorism and the law of a unified device to antagonistic it were in song near the Prime Minister's stand for that he can transportation Indian population judgment next to him sole if location were plausible assurances on terrorism". At the very time, the recommencement of the Foreign Secretary-level dialogue, addressing the issues of Jammu and Kashmir, Siachen and Sir Creek contented the Pakistani line-up.

Earlier President of Pakistan General Musharraf called upon NAM Members to focussing on righteous and correct solutions to global conflicts and disputes by establishing a apparatus for the occupation. He urged NAM to present a extensive strategy to combat coercion."NAM should push a all-around plan of action to conflict and destruct terrorist act in all its forms and manifestations. It should require a two-pronged approach: firstborn combating terrorist sanctuaries, plus through with active global cooperation, [and] second addressing the underlined cause of terrorism and extremism, which includes political disputes and conflicts, system and communal injustices".

In his computer code to the NAM Summit Dr Singh said: ''If NAM is to be applicable in today's circumstances, it cannot drop to prevaricate on the matter of coercion. A announcement essential come from us that we are collective in our desire to combat and destruct the scourge of terrorism,'' He further said: "The forces of intolerance and fanaticism could not be allowed to deflect the world's notice from the imperative concerns specified as poverty, cognitive content and disease".

What has been the peak of great consequence outcome of the NAM Summit has been the sidelines group relating India and Pakistan meet after the sequent attack blasts and terror attacks in various surroundings of India in which tons clear lives were gone astray. This had lessened the Indo-Pak feel and it was very historic to get forward the Peace talking formula ahead at the earliest. Nothing was much enhanced after the key meetings between the two heads of states and for the basic juncture Pakistan has taken central and enterprising base on the diverse issues which can be termed as divide in Indo-Pak discretion. India on her segment has as well shown bendiness on the sundry issues with Kashmir. If things go in the lead in the correct itinerary from now on it can be a minor road thorn in Indo-Pak ancient times. One can hope for a new break of the day in South Asia .A morning of peace and financial condition for the whole sector.


(The Writer is a illustrious Foreign Affairs and Economic Expert)

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