Say it isn't so? Not different vessel game!

The NCAA on Wednesday accredited a new postseason field game vessel lame in Houston starting close time period.

It will renew the former Houston Bowl and is the ordinal new game accepted by the NCAA Postseason Football Licensing Subcommittee since the end of last period.

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The bowl, which has not yet been named, will be managed by Lone Star Sports and Entertainment, which is connected near the Houston Texans of the NFL.

The dub of the new vessel and other niceties will be announced future. In April, the NCAA voted for a ordinal Bowl Championship Series game, which will be vie in Glendale, Arizona, along next to the International Bowl in Toronto, the Birmingham Bowl and the New Mexico Bowl.

Bowls that were renewed for subsequent period are: the AutoZone Liberty, Capital One, Champs Sports, Chick-Fil-A, Emerald, FedEx Orange, Gaylord Hotels Music City, GMAC, Independence, Insight, Pioneer Pure Vision Las Vegas, MasterCard Alamo, Meineke Car Care, MPC Computers, Motor City, All-state Sugar, Outback, Pacific Life Holiday, San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia, Fort Worth, Rose, AT&T Cotton, Hawaii, Tostitos Fiesta, Toyota Gator, Vitalis Sun and New Orleans.

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Don't get me wrong, I fondness school field game. I liking the atmosphere, the crowds and the rising NFL stars that brightness us all Saturday. But do we truly need more than bowl games. There's just now too umteen teams who don't merit to be in one and now the NCAA has certified five new games since the end of later time period.

Some will fight that it makes the halt better, it's finer for the fans and the schools increase fortune which helps in recruiting and new improvements, it helps bring into being delight...blah, blah, claptrap.

Any social unit that is 6-5 doesn't belong in a bowl game. Period, end of saga. I don't aid if they were 0-11 the ex- period of time and the quality flawless saga of the year, 6-5 or God backing us 6-6, right doesn't cut it. Why make up for mediocrity? If I was a coach and my squad went 6-5, I'd be pissed!

The vessel association has been in plop for a long, lifelong juncture and furthermost of the slap-up ole' boys in the NCAA don't deprivation to see that transformed. The NCAA, along near the universities, respect to reckon all the legal tender that rolls in from corporate sponsors during bowl period of time.

The danger is that all these games are bodily process fluff college football game and attractive away what makes it extraordinary. To speak about the truth, nobody, even the maximum conservativist college football fan, cares active two 6-5 teams musical performance in a bowl spectator sport. Unless you are/were an scholar or it's your favourite unit.

Nevertheless, the NCAA will hold creating more bowl games and continue to gift ordinariness. Remember, North Texas State made it to a vessel halt a few geezerhood back near a 5-6 record! Excellent.

College contact sport is a marvellous institution, but approaching all institutions it urgently inevitably several overhauling. Too bad it's not active to pass for a long, hourlong occurrence. Not spell the dollars are fluid and the reputation quo is safe and sound.

All I cognize is once the opening International Bowl kicks off in Toronto and the NCAA smiles as it tries to win the whist of Canadian fans, I'll be at home, the TV overturned off, with visions of a genuine contest set of laws terpsichore in my commander.


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