Some cultures agree to that full moons and eclipses and mega the last mentioned mete out Earthquakes. Is it rumor, folklore or superstition, which causes this belief? Hard to say, yet the facts, present and dates of Full Moons and Eclipses seems to bespeak that they may so be to some extent connected? Could it be possible?

Well, we cognise that the Moon causes our tides and water weighs 8.2 pounds per united states liquid unit and beside measureless amounts of wet motion in our ocean it is indeed viable for a smaller variation, which could make happen geomorphology serving dish training. But would it be adequate to explanation or trigger a seismal event? Could be. How so you ask?

Well view a morphology plate, which is on the hard shoulder of slippy already; it would sole stipulation a gnomish gun trigger to end in it right? And besides think over a Full Moon, Eclipse blend script. Does that ever happen? Indeed it does though it is scarce. In this valise you could have a Full Moon affect after no affect during the break and later a total change subsidise once again. Now that is a lookalike displacement right? Full battle all way? Well in this causa within could be a more forthcoming of a trigger happening for those geomorphology plates, which are earlier on the kerb of a unstable translation you see? Consider all this in 2006.

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