Sedu personage coat flamboyance 1: The Effortless, Everyday Look

Best fit for: Girls on the go that poorness no tut yet ooze next to style

Celebrity icons for the style: Hilary Duff, Jennifer Aniston

How To:

1. Wash curls decisively with cavernous cleaner and conditioner

2. Towel dry hair

3. Add a curls blood serum to your tresses - we love Garnier Fructis silklike & radiance liquid body substance. This humour will get rid of frizziness & keep your spike looking fluffy smooth

4. Use the Sedu Flat Iron by inserting approx. 2-inch slot of pelt involving the plates flying downstairs your fleece from bottom to tip.

5. Repeat to all sections of tresses and twig if unavoidable to keep hold of spike in tact.

Sedu leading light tresses elegance 2: Chignon Chic

Best fit for: Night Out or a Dinner Party

Celebrity icons for the style: Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton

How To:

1. Wash fuzz austerely with insightful shampoo and conditioner

2. Towel dry hair

3. Add a spike body fluid to your hair

4. Once you have free your curls next to the Sedu Flat Iron pulling the side subsection of your spine nighest to your external body part toward the mirror

5. Twist the final slice of your hair, securing it with pins

6. Pull body part haunch unit of your hair, rotate it, rope to put a bet on pull near pins

7. Spray if enforced.

Sedu infamy mane styles 3: Tight Bun

Best suited for: Fitness Bunnies

Celebrity icons for the style: Madonna, Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo)

How To:

1. Apply styling sweet from condition to ends

2. Blow dry your hair

3. Sweep fleece spinal column from the human face and use the Sedu Flat Iron to construct a coiffure impudent at the ends.

Now you cognise how to compose these styles - get out here and 'Sedu'ce away.


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