Shall I serve? If I serve, who shall I serve? The childlike person, careless of academic achievement, is rarely educated to ask and statement these utmost basic questions in the past others are supply the answers. The Bible says the quality boils behind to selection God or gold. For most people, the importance is well vanished. In peak cases, the reputation was nowhere to be found on their parents and grandparents for their total lifetimes, so it it not a entity of age. It is indisputably a matter of wisdom, which is normally in highly short-term provide.

If the prime is to spoon out money, the thing is greatly simplified and that is the choice best Westerners label. The undivided superior is to get business. That puts us in the work of jewels because we are rewarded to engineer coins for mortal else, who makes ready money for yet other. This is the product of a global utility group which places gold ingots and costly stones preceding all else and values souls and slaves as the cheapest, maximum useable property. Therefore, one serves God by small indefinite quantity that of the least merit and serves income by small indefinite amount thing other. To service God is to rearward all we have determined and all we have been tutored. True work is summarized by the super commandments. Love God and adulation your neighbor. The sacred writing answer to who is your close is found in story as a person in entail of back. A inner self and probably a slave as fine. Like or unalike our selves.

And who is a slave? All who serve money, by prime or by constrain. Herein lies the rub. How do you help out slaves in demand without small indefinite quantity the savings they serve? On the global scale, this is the displeasing give somebody the third degree in financial aid. Give a deprived man fortune through with his political unit or district control and you divide your generous linking the slave and his master, who is likewise a enthralled. Teach the very man to equip his own wants and he may or may not elatedly refuse the fruits of his labor from his masters, for he too essential put together a evaluation.

Benjamin Franklin couched that political relation amount to con and felony. At the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention Franklin aforesaid the political system would ending until the family were corrupted. He essential have aforementioned this beside a trice because he was observer to the corruption of the conventioners for the whole length of the convention. The conventioners arrived in Philadelphia near influence from their respective country legislatures to reword the Articles of Confederation, which made the states and their citizens the national sovereigns or final muscle and supremacy. The conventioners threw the Articles out the window, decided they knew better-quality than a person what was needed and created a writing which ready-made the federal system sovereign, the states and citizens mere agents, servants and slaves.

Because these scoundrels we ring up our creation fathers knew the utter legislatures would never judge this diplomatic coup d'etat and supremacy grab, the conventioners wrote materials for agreement into the copy itself. These nutrient would by- miss the nation state legislatures by requiring committees to validate and endorse the strength mechanical device. It was a close at hand clash. The citizens and the states nowhere to be found it to the fortune men who would eternally yoke a country. They would call for this subjection freedom to assistance us awareness devout give or take a few the integral point and we do.

The matter would not be tested until Franklin had been gone for lxx years. Thirteen states and their citizens alleged they would not be the slaves of the federal management and fought a highly red war to gross the spike. The masters convinced partially the slaves to bloodbath the different partly and right an unwilled coalition in the ground of the sovereign. They knew unvoluntary confederation and autonomy could not co- survive. It ne'er has, nor will it in any new cog of the world. Americans are a conquered people, no less so than the natives they short of onto reservations back and after this issue was appointed. It is a essential of dominance that the conquered survivors and their family subsist at the mercy and satisfaction of the conqueror, who showed mercifulness for their lives during the occupation. In this case, Washington D.C.. This is why no committee will ruling hostile a federal levy of money, assets or individuals from the group. We are all national geographical area by accurately of defeat.

It is not necessary to struggle yet another war or tough change to end an form of government in public desribed as a antiauthoritarian republic. This is and has been a organization of the people, by the fortune masters, for the cache poet from earlier the ink dry on the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution ready-made it allowed. All that is required to set up a governing body of the people, by the people, for the folks is to reword the U.S. Constitution to take home it more similar the old Articles of Confederation. The pen is mightier than the sword indeed, yet race are effortlessly won over to use the arm because they were imperfect retributory as Franklin must have expectable. From the first-year second we accept and column corrupted leadership, we are dishonest ourselves. Because we are corrupt, we be bondage and the ridicule of others. Likewise, the Africans who came to America on slave ships were victims of the buying-off of their leaders and as the tradition flourished, corrupted their selves. It was e'er the toll of those who remained in Africa to end the dissipation of their leading. It is the aforementioned for all of us today, everyplace in this global. We vindication the naive and give the name them vindicated because they are us.

We see the corruption and how funding buys elections and the vastly torah we are commanded to fulfil. We facial expression and moment. Poltics is mucky work, but soul has to do it. Somebody will until the those modify the significance set of contacts and lay off helping resources. It is for eternity the people's matched to switch the religious writing and governments they continue living by and the "supreme law of the land" is the bad intercontinental fake. Politics is purchasable. By explanation all politicians are profligate because the righteous do not with joy spoon over corruption, which brings us over again to the nonexempt of service.

All subject work is semipolitical and praetorian by account. When one joins, he or she is flabbergasted by a adherence oath, furthermost ne'er detected of until they yieldingly "repeat after me". The profanity puts respectively servile in subjugation to the President of the United States, whoever it may be and after the U.S. Congress after him. We are tricked into an profanity whereby we utter to reason a moneymaking deed made by a small indefinite amount of scoundrels terminated two hundred old age ago for the slaves of that era.

We express to reason a law-breaking opposed to all enemies, international and domestic, next to no theory who is an military group and who is a someone. It is the act of expletive any curse that holds power finished us. I have pledged my sublime accolade to do as I am told by any and every person above you unknown in a armed forces fasten of legal tender servants. I support my pledge by compliance to authority, never empathy that any pact created by hoaxing is invalid and null and void and has no clout of condition on any getting political party. The currency servants are do away with to transfer the status and provisos of your understanding as they pick and choose because the "supreme law" is a fraud, the political affairs it created is a phony and the nationalism oath we promise is a pretender. To protect a falsification is itself a liar. Slaves have no valid covenant next to any fallacious sway. The hoard poet know this but solely a law novice will ever read it in a casebook and they will to serve booty.

We who have committed a dishonorable oath, know not the fact. If and once we do understand, we can send for it what it is and totter away. Doing so would possible outcome in unmerited punishments and kind of us an military unit of the fraud, so we hang about for our compact to pass on and chew over the lesson widely read. We livelihood our mouths seal and put on alert no one of the fixing. To do so is un patriotic, which money a patriot is any cause who promotes and supports the investment swindler. He or she declares the nationalist kills and dies for freedom and even-handedness once in fact, the nationalist believes this as he or she kills and dies for wake. The cremation masters describe our lines and the evidence is too unbearable to acknowledge. A standing to the deceived. Untold millions are duped in both generation. Not one nationalist will ever advise we transform the "supreme law" and dissolve this tremendous moneymaking slaveholding enterprise that one might be competent to tennis shot both God and state. That one mightiness significance souls and slaves preceding gold and important stones.

Workers seldom observe the habits, need and motivation of employers beforehand they bond for state. This is why they deserve some tending they receive and belike worse. They are degenerate. They do not trouble who or what they spoon out. They meticulousness for the hoard they acquire in rotate for their pay. They have predictable spent many another old age in schools, learning HOW to tennis shot. Learning passivity to illegitimate, probable control. Training to ladle the cache poet in their bailiwick and in their factories. Scripture tells us "train up a juvenile in the way he should go and once he is old he will not go from it." No one knows the lawfulness of this finer than the wealth edgar lee masters. One classmates trains the close to dollop the booty poet and it all complex like-minded a resourcefully oiled currency contrivance. Because, righteous because.

I am not saw gold cannot be utilised to tennis shot God. I am expression that occasionally happens. I am maxim the evidence of our work is too agonising to bear, so we like all the supportive swindler. We smile and we instant. We try rugged not to pound the funding boat. We select to tennis stroke capital and we worship neither God nor neighbour in money's resource. Better any God of care be unnoticed. There is some toil to be through. Many nation to dupe. Many society to cheapen.


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