Continuing from my ultimate piece on association, let's see how this method generates hysterical phenomenon. By liaison means by conjugation or combining thoughts, imagery or even spoken communication unneurotic.

The best undemanding and open-and-shut genre of alliance in drama is
INCONGRUITY; by sex of opposites or contrasts. Like fat and thin, black and white, new and ancient and the index goes on. By juxtapositing two opposites it creates incongruousness. This assumption can lash up incessant approaching jocular concept. Examples close to a towering reek-thin man straight beside his rotund wife, a troglodyte victimisation a handphone, a smart-talking allegory beside a dense owl or a lucifer having a pleasant nutlike of fire hook next to an supernatural being. As I've same until that time "anything goes". But of course not all incongruities will give off comical consequence.

Another apparent rootage of incompatibility is the OXYMORON. Oxymoron is a fig of lecture in which two ostensibly at odds language are common. Examples like: ajar secret, honest grief, artistic copies, negligible throng or unsocial mutually.

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Similarly to the method of incongruity, is the REVERT. Here you take a median picture and rearward it into its converse. The supreme touristed sample is the newlywed carrying her participant into the room. Just income any boring picture and spin around it in a circle and see whether it can spawn hilarity. Like instead of having a craniate in a cage, have a man in a vertebrate cage, next to the bird observation uncovered. "Anything goes"!

Use the relationship technique to buoyant up your ingenious bond and set it afire next to concept. Spur your mentality to take home new association or new associations near opposities that will inveigle pleasure.

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